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What's Susan Templeman Proud Of?

Susan says:

“I’m really proud of the water recycling that I’m doing. Every morning with a bucket in the shower to help water my pot plants. And in our garden, putting in a drip system that’s using so much less water than we used to.

“What we need to do better in our family is link our solar panels onto a battery, so that we can really store more energy, rather than just relying on it when the sun’s shining.”

Baglady says:

“Good work Susan! So proud to have you as my MP!

Also, THANK YOU for connecting me with Mark Butler MP [Hindmarsh, SA] – Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy – when he spoke at your Climate Change Q&A this week in Wentworth Falls.

We’re waiting for Mark’s photo, which we’ll put up on this website and the Facebook page here with Mark’s answers to our 2Qs: 1 What are you doing that you’re proud of? and 2] What do you NEED to do better?

We have a list of all the WONDERFUL people who’ve supported this crazy visionary worldsaving pledge project. With the help of Blue Mountains Gazette, we’ll get this up ASAP. We promise!

Mark Butler – Shadow Climate Change & Energy Minister – Is joining in ASAP

PLEASE, send us YOUR photo/s of YOU and what what you’re doing that you’re proud of; and/or what you NEED to do better. If you don’t fancy being in a photo, you can send audio [<60sec70max] or 150 written words, with the same story.

Please put your first name, and where you are. And if you feel like it, say g’day/hello/hi in your language. If you’re a school or university student, feel free to put your age too. Help us Olds, to “wake up”.


Living ASAP is a Baglady world project piloted in Northern Ireland [starting Ballymena 2002] and spreading via all media inc. word of mouth, around the world.

For our children’s future. In respect for everyone and everything.

What's Trish Doyle Proud Of?

Me with my card from Trish Doyle

Trish's message

(Left) David Suzuki's message to me (Right) Trish's card