Shirley The Baglady explains

The GLObalvision Song Contest can happen anywhere in the world, anytime. Nobody owns it, everyone owns it. It’s about music and songs that we love – and dance too!

When it started in 2014, Marina Brown and I were talking about it on the GLObaltvshow, our radio show with

Me: It’s like Eurovision – only global.

Marina: And with meaning.

So here are the songs that won – though everyone who enters is a winner of course.

Globalvision Song Contest Winner 2015 AKOVA "THE REVOLUTION"

with kids from Jasper Road Public School, Baulkham Hills NSW

Film: Joey Lewis

Globalvision Song Contest Winner 2016 - Chrysalis School - Ode To The Forest

The GSC has had support from many internationally known musicians, singers, songwriters.


Here’s Luka Bloom [Ireland]

Harry Manx [Canada] with Tijuana


Baglady writes:

Since the fires in Australia, I’ve heard so many people talking about Gratitude. Here’s the song Nick sent me, from Edinburgh in 2014

Here’s a review of this inspiring song:

“At the beginning it sounds like the Beachboys meets the Gyuto monks!”         Rachael Kohn           ABC Radio National The Spirit of Things

Just one little point: In verse 1, lines 3-4: If you repeat these with me every day – I promise what you want will come your way… I think we’re learning in Australia, that what we want might not come our way. The fires, the Virus… but going for gratitude, that we are still here each morning when we wake up… does work.  Song Credit: Gratitude to the no longer existing group ANI – Applied Neuroscience Institute.