Connecting The World ASAP

1) Trish Doyle MP (Australia) and
environmental scientist David Suzuki (Canada)

Me with my card from Trish Doyle

Trish's message

(Left) David Suzuki's message to me (Right) Trish's card

Robyn Wins!

Congratulations Robyn!!!

Life Matters – ABC RN 9am weekdays – wants listeners to send in ‘Shout Outs’ to praise people we know who are doing good things. This is what I’m sending them:

My shout out is for Robyn Yates, teacher librarian at Tinana State School, in Maryborough, Qld.

Robyn’s just won [15/8] this year’s Sustainable Schools Leading the Change Awards* for South East Queensland and the Tweed area. For the finals, Robyn had to do a 2-4min video of her work so she invited all the schools, teachers, kids, parents, businesses, councils, anyone she’s worked with to contribute. I was one of them because Robyn’s work got me travelling ASAP = As Sustainably As Possible, on a train from the Blue Mountains, 1200km/800 miles North to Tinana for their STEAM event – that’s, STEM + Arts – in 2018 and ’19. Through Robyn’s work, I’ve met thousands of inspiring Queensland children and teachers having so much FUN doing what we all should know we’ve got to do anyway. And do we need inspiration.

PS: Tinana was the first Australian school to win an Eco-Schools Green Flag award. E-S is all over the world in >70 countries, with 20million schoolchildren, learning about living sustainably. One important condition is: it must be led by the students. They must want to do this work.

I worked with hundreds of Eco-Schools, back in Northern Ireland, and in 2012, I’d brought ASAP back to Australia and got lots more support; but this is such a big country, progress seemed so slow, and the climate urgency was growing and growing.

I watched the video twice before I noticed something very special

It’s 22 of the happiest, proudest, kids in black shorts and white Tshirts beaming at the camera and then, they turn their backs and what do I see?

On the back of every Tshirt is my, our message: A S A P, As Sustainable  As Possible.

I didn’t know about any of these until I saw the photos. 

Vic's new Environmental Education project


With a young friend from Port Macquarie, I’m developing a new workshop series for Environmental Educators
It’s about supporting them to increase the urgency of their climate messaging.

Basically about them reflecting the severity of the situation in the messaging they’re sending out there.
Because the scene of sustainability, engagement etc has not changed in quite some time.
It’s time to scale things up.

The other aspect of the workshop series is about personal resilience – my main area.

Active hope, engaged hope, engaged optimism; feeling good about what we do. And feeling confident in what we’re doing, in ourselves and in the future.

We’re ready for your contributions now on ALL pages. All contributions welcome!

Baglady's 2 Questions:

1) What are YOU doing that you’re proud of, to Live ASAP?

2) What do you NEED to do better?

Eg. Baglady’s proud that she always travels ASAP = As Sustainably As Possible

ie TASAP eg to Bundaberg, Queensland where this story happened:

Baglady’s Pop-up ASAP exhibition in my donga, for Mike and Zachary from the News Mail, Bundaberg

Please listen to Baglady's message about this picture here: