5 Easy Questions For Us All:

Baglady’s been doing this ASAP journey for years, decades. She knows it works; she feels good about sharing it with others and wants it to go as far as it possibly can.

Q: Where are we now on the Respect Arc?

A: Let’s say we’re all starting from the Red Bin of Waste.

Q: Where do we need to get to?

A: The GoldenGreen Circle of Sustainability, the GGSC

Q: How do we get there?

A: Via the Respect Arc + the 4 elements

Q: How many people do we need to make this journey?

A: We need everybody on this journey – even babies!

Q: When do we need to start?

A: Now. Today. Let’s DO it!

Images That Relate To The 4 Elements Of The Respect Arc
Eg Water


Baglady says:

Hello Bundanoon!

You’re one of many places in the world, beginning with B that we’re challenging!

How’re ye going ASAP?

Send us photos, send us headlines, tell your story…

Also here’s a link to Susan Templeman’s great story where she shares what she’s doing that she’s proud of.

We're working on Earth, Air, Fire - Please add your pictures