What’s Susan Templeman Proud Of?

Susan says:

“I’m really proud of the water recycling that I’m doing. Every morning with a bucket in the shower to help water my pot plants. And in our garden, putting in a drip system that’s using so much less water than we used to.

“What we need to do better in our family is link our solar panels onto a battery, so that we can really store more energy, rather than just relying on it when the sun’s shining.”



Baglady says:

“Good work Susan! So proud to have you as my MP!

Also, THANK YOU for connecting me with Mark Butler MP [Hindmarsh, SA] – Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy – when he spoke at your Climate Change Q&A this week in Wentworth Falls.

We’re waiting for Mark’s photo, which we’ll put up on this website and the Facebook page here with Mark’s answers to our 2Qs: 1 What are you doing that you’re proud of? and 2] What do you NEED to do better?

We have a list of all the WONDERFUL people who’ve supported this crazy visionary worldsaving pledge project. With the help of Blue Mountains Gazette, we’ll get this up ASAP. We promise!

Mark Butler – Shadow Climate Change & Energy Minister – Is joining in ASAP

PLEASE, send us YOUR photo/s of YOU and what what you’re doing that you’re proud of; and/or what you NEED to do better. If you don’t fancy being in a photo, you can send audio [<60sec70max] or 150 written words, with the same story.

Please put your first name, and where you are. And if you feel like it, say g’day/hello/hi in your language. If you’re a school or university student, feel free to put your age too. Help us Olds, to “wake up”.


Living ASAP is a Baglady world project piloted in Northern Ireland [starting Ballymena 2002] and spreading via all media inc. word of mouth, around the world.

For our children’s future. In respect for everyone and everything.

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