Positive Pester Power (PPP)

PPP Positive Pester Power is one of the most exciting and fun challenges we can take up now.

It’s about questioning other people, challenging them on things they’re doing – or not doing – that you/I/we think need to be done more sustainably.

Click here for examples (to be updated)

The idea came to me in Australia while we in the Blue Mountains were fighting McDonalds, twice, in 1995-97. We viewed a promo policy document about targeting children in mcds advertising, to use pester power on their parents, to stop at the next fastfood outlet FFO, for a you know what. What did the fastfood giant have as Pester Bait? – the sugarsweet fastfood, speedy service, cheapness, toys and giveaways, plastic play area and of course, the clean toilets.

So I thought ha ha, we can reuse/recycle that one. Add a Positive and we’re there! Positive Pester Power !!!!

We started it in Northern Ireland in 2007. Instant success. Schools did it, councils promoted it, supermarkets sponsored it, media loved it.  

Kids are the best pesterers. Sometimes they haven’t heard of pestering, but someone in the class always has and is ready to demonstrate!

Here are some of the schools that have joined the PPP campaign:

Irish Schools

Newtownards (The Model School)

Trillick Schools

Australian Schools

Kindle Hill School (Wentworth Falls, NSW)